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Microscope-Centered Practice

Herriman Dentist uses microscope

The microscope allows for more precise work and is safer for your teeth.


A Closer Look at Your Teeth

One of the exciting technologies that Dr. Thornell has brought into the office is a high-powered microscope. You probably don’t think of microscopes when you think about dental care, but the microscope is changing dentistry for the better!

With up to 12x magnification, Dr. Thornell can perform procedures with greater accuracy. Being able to see things up close is better for treating the tooth and removing all disease while preserving the tooth. With the microscope, Dr. Thornell can remove only the damaged portions of the tooth without removing a lot of excess.

Dr. Thornell has been practicing through a microscope a little over two years now and just recently he added microscopes to the hygiene rooms. Now we’re using microscope for routine cleanings.  Our hygienists can see up to 12x magnification using the microscope.  They are able to see bacteria that would normally be missed by the naked eye and get you the best cleaning! Our Hygienists are some of the only hygienists in Utah to practice with a microscope.

Our patients also appreciate that the microscope allows Dr. Thornell and hygienist to keep their head further away from your mouth and out of your personal space. This is a much more pleasant, comfortable experience than traditional dentistry.

If you choose, you can see what Dr. Thornell or your Hygienist sees while they are working, watching the procedure, start to finish!

The microscope can be used for just about any procedure.

When Is the Microscope Used?

Some procedures that we do use the microscope include:

  • Cleanings
  • Root Canals
  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Laser Surgery

Dr. Thornell invests in this technology to bring you a better dental care experience that yields great results. Find out more about how microscopes are changing Dr. Thornell’s practice. Call the office today at (801) 446-6889.