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Laser Dentistry for Herriman

Lasers Technology

Lasers are changing the way that patients think about dentistry – especially for Dr. Thornell’s youngest patients! “With laser dentistry, 95 percent of my patients don’t need numbing to fill a tooth. That makes lasers a great option for kids and adults alike.”

Herriman dentist uses the laser

The laser is a safe, comfortable alternative to traditional anesthesia

The laser actually numbs the tooth while Dr. Thornell works, leaving a slightly cold feeling – similar to eating ice cream. Also, you won’t experience the lasting numbness after a procedure like there is with traditional anesthesia.

Lasers Are Better for Your Teeth

Lasers don’t just reduce anxiety about seeing the dentist, they also reduce the amount of damage a tooth suffers during a procedure.

When a traditional burr is used for fillings or tooth contouring, it creates microscopic fractures in the tooth, causing further damage. The laser is more conservative, targeting only the portion of the tooth that is already damaged and preserving the rest of the healthy tooth.

This means that the tooth supporting a filling is neither damaged nor compromised, resulting in a longer lasting filling.

What You Need to Know About Laser Dentistry

  • Laser dentistry is available as an option to you at no extra cost.
  • Lasers can’t be used on older fillings.
  • Laser treatment is also effective for cold sores and canker sores – actually killing the virus.

Talk to Dr. Thornell about whether laser dentistry is an option for your next procedure.