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Cosmetic Dentistry

Getting the Smile You Always Wanted

If your smile isn’t what you’d like it to be, you might consider cosmetic dentistry. Changing your smile can boost your confidence and change your life.

Other dentists may make temporary teeth that resemble your existing teeth, and the look of your final teeth may be left to the lab to determine – not seen by you until they’re already in your mouth.

Herriman cosmetic dentist

A beautiful smile is within reach!

Our approach is different. Dr. Thornell will prepare you for your new smile by taking X-rays of your existing teeth and creating a mold from which your new teeth will be created.

Next, the molds are sent to highly skilled local labs that will create your temporary teeth. These teeth will closely resemble how your final, permanent teeth will look, so you can see yourself with your beautiful new smile even before it’s complete. If you don’t like your temporaries, you can request changes and Dr. Thornell will let the lab know.

A Natural Looking Smile

Dr. Thornell doesn’t use any metals in his practice. All fillings and restorations are made using ceramics. The ceramics are more natural looking and won’t cause allergic reactions.

The restorations are made with zirconium oxide, a ceramic that is very strong and very long lasting. These restorations may take a little longer – about 2 weeks – but they are higher in quality and will last you much longer.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance will cover some cosmetic dentistry, and we can get estimates before we begin the work. If your procedure is purely cosmetic, don’t rely on your insurance to cover the cost.

However, we do offer payment plans to help make your procedures more affordable.

Get started on your way to a healthy new smile today. Give our office a call at (801) 446-6889 to learn more and schedule your first appointment.